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Elevated Exploration with
TCS World Travel

Explore the world in a way you never thought possible. Join TCS on a luxury jet expedition and visit unique destinations around the globe in unimagined comfort, with every detail managed on your behalf.

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As the pioneer in the private jet travel industry, TCS World Travel has developed and operated more expeditions than anyone else.

There’s no easier way to see the world than on a jet expedition. Imagine flying direct to each destination with no layovers, staying in luxurious hotels every night, and having special access to local sites, all while a dedicated staff tends to your every need.


Hear From Our Guests

TCS memorable and transformative experiences

• 30+ years of experience
• 20+ itineraries offered each year
• 300+ jet expeditions completed
• 150+ countries visited
• 200+ destinations explored
• Operating partner for brands such as
the Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts,
Smithsonian Journeys, Kalos Golf & others

The TCS World Travel Difference

TCS provides a different kind of luxury travel experience, one that is meticulously designed to make your journey as immersive and enriching as it is hassle-free. Their all-inclusive journeys deliver unparalleled experiences, with exceptional service, leaving you free to relax and savor every moment of your adventures.

Travel with Confidence

Travel with Confidence

A Dedicated Journey Team Takes Care of Your Every Need

From the moment you book until you return, an experienced staff ensures every detail is handled on your behalf.

• A 16 member flight crew including a private chef, personal guest experience manager, luggage handler and journey physician to ensure your comfort and safety.
• An experienced Expedition Leader who travels alongside you and manages all logistics and details of your experience.
• Expert, world renowned local lecturers educating guests throughout the journey.
• All-inclusive pricing, down to accommodations, tours, meals, transfers, most alcohol and all gratuities.



TCS World Travels offer you the opportunity to visit some of the hardest-to-reach destinations in the world in total comfort, providing once in a lifetime experiences and exclusive, VIP insider access along the way.