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Expeditions for Families

Expeditions are the most exciting and interesting experiences to share.

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In partnership with

National Geographic Global Explorers

Watch kids develop the attitudes, skills, and knowledge of an explorer.

An exclusive, family-friendly program created in conjunction with National Geographic Education, this unique, hands-on program teaches kids and teens 18 and under how to explore the natural world like scientists.

Wildlife watching
Hop into a Zodiac, zip along the shore, and then hike in search of wildlife and strange and interesting plant life. Snap photos with your smartphone and jot notes in your official National Geographic Global Explorers Field Notebook.

Microscopic exploration
Drop a net over the side of your Zodiac to collect plankton, then check it under a video microscope to see how it looks and moves.

Video shoots
Meet your Certified Photo Instructor in the lounge and get tips on how to create impressive slow-motion and timelapse videos, then test out those new skills in the field.


Galápagos: A Day in the Life

No two days are alike in the Galápagos, but getting close to incredible wildlife is a guarantee.


Family Travel with Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic

Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic' Global Explorers program creates unique activities and learning opportunities for kids, but our Galápagos trips offer fun and adventure for guests of every age.

Recommended Family Expeditions

The Most Exhilarating Discoveries are the Ones You Make Together

Put simply, an expedition is smart fun for all ages, and for all types of families, from tiny to clan-sized. Being aboard ship creates a fresh context for families to be together, or come together, if they’re far-flung or chronically schedule-challenged. Inherently diverse and active, an expedition offers remarkable experiences to share, with daily opportunities to do things together, or to follow separate interests—and meet at dinner to share the day’s stories. And because our expeditions attract families, the community that forms on board is uniquely welcoming. We have over 50 years of expedition experience and have learned a lot about optimizing opportunities for our guests; and we are dedicated to ensuring the quality of your family’s experience


Family Travel

When you're talking about Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic and family travel, you're talking about years of family-focused heritage.

Founder & CEO, Lindblad Expeditions

"Expedition travel, with its mix of new daily sights, wildlife, undersea wonders, and activities for every age and fitness level, is the ideal way to unite old and young in shared experiences they will both find exhilarating."