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Maasai Culture in Tanzania & Kenya

Unique insights into one of Africa's oldest and most distinctive cultures

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One of the most memorable aspects of a journey to Kenya and Tanzania is getting an in-depth look at the indigenous Nilotic, cattle-centric people who make their home in the Great Rift Valley: the Maasai. Enjoy these insights, which shed light on their traditional customs as well as the impact modern inventions are having on their daily life.

Maasai Tradition

Three male rites of passage of the Maasai community

Enkipaata, Eunoto and Olng’esherr—three interrelated male rites of passage of the Maasai community—serve to educate young boys about a man’s role in society, transmit indigenous knowledge to the younger generation and induct them into three stages of development: morans, young elders and senior elders. This short documentary from UNESCO explains the history and significance of this longstanding tradition. Runtime: 10 min.

Beads tell stories of Maasai culture

In Kenya, young people are the biggest buyers of traditional Maasai beadwork. DW’s Edith Kimani visits women in the village of Oloolotikoshi—just outside of Nairobi—to find out more about the craft and its significance. Runtime: 3 min.

Maasai in Today's World

My invention that made peace with lions

In Maasai communities, cattle are all-important. But, as conservation efforts succeed, lion attacks are growing more frequent—it's fast-becoming a plague for many Maasai communities. In this inspiring TED Talk, 13-year-old Richard Turere shares the solar-powered solution he designed to safely scare lions away. Runtime: 7 min.

The Maasai TikTokers wowing Bollywood fans

Kili Paul and his sister Neema are hits on Instagram and TikTok with their Bollywood lip-syncing videos. The BBC pays a visit to their home in a small village in rural Tanzania to find out the secret of their success. Runtime: 2 min.

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