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Discover the wonders of Australia and New Zealand with Tauck

The Land Down Under is on everyone’s bucket list. Learn more about Tauck's journeys to Australia and New Zealand

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Explore the world with Tauck

Tauck is a trusted and seasoned tour operator, with nearly 100 years of experience. They are truly dedicated to always doing the right thing for their guests. They offer land journeys, river cruises, small ship cruises, small group and family journeys across the globe. So, if the itinerary below doesn't speak to you, feel free to ask me about their other offerings.

Guest Testimonial

"Our fabulous trip to Australia and New Zealand surpassed all of our wildest expectations, and then some. Our Tauck Director was informative, efficient and very calming, guiding us with ease. This trip was nothing short of amazing - private planes, private cruises, private tours - there was not a day that we did not feel pampered in great style." Paula and David Rosenblum, Tauck Guests

Why Choose Tauck?

Unique Experiences

Unique Experiences

Tauck is dedicated to finding off-the-beaten path, unique and exclusive experiences just for their guests. Tour and 3-course "Dinner with the Warbirds" at Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre featuring World War I and II aircraft, owned by Sir Peter Jackson. Swim or Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef. These are only a few examples of the unforgettable experiences you get with Tauck.

Closer Connections

Closer Connections

Experience the extraordinary with Tauck as they provide exclusive access, connect you with local experts, and offer behind-the-scenes experiences. This ensures your journey is not just a trip but a truly immersive and authentic adventure.

Guided by the Best

Guided by the Best

Tauck's tour directors are seasoned experts, passionate about the destinations they lead you through. They come from 41 different countries and speak 52 collective languages. They enrich your journey with deep knowledge, insider tips, and a commitment to ensuring a seamless, memorable, and educational travel experience.