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Discover the Ocean State of Mind in the Caribbean

Transforming Luxury Cruises into Ocean Journeys

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Ask me about Discovering your Ocean State of Mind in the Caribbean onboard the newest luxury ship, EXPLORA I

Explora Journeys is a new luxury ocean experience that I think you should know about. Designed to offer refined yet effortless luxury, Explora Journeys offers an experience that rivals the best hotels in Europe, world- class cuisine and immersive destination experiences.

Just click to peruse their Caribbean journeys. Let me know if you have any questions.

The Caribbean, up close ... at incredible prices

Sink into glittering turquoise waters that lap powdery white sands and sip coconut water beneath gently swaying palm trees. Enjoy local warmth and casual glamour as you discover pure escapism, for optimal wellbeing.

It's what Explora Journeys is all about. Bringing the best of the Caribbean to you.

Our Restaurants

Taking influences from around the world, our unique culinary experiences celebrate global talents and cultures.

Our Bars and Lounges

Discover our collection of 12 bars and lounges on board EXPLORA I. Their elegant and cosmopolitan atmosphere will allow our guest to truly relax and let go.