Protecting the World's Wildlife

Looking for travel inspiration? Visit the places where conservationists are making a difference.

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An inspiring look at wildlife conservation around the world, spotlighting the intrepid conservationists, scientists and volunteers who dedicate their lives to conducting groundbreaking research, developing innovative solutions and sharing their knowledge with hopes of making a difference.

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Chase a Wild Buffalo Stampede With These Heroic Cowboys

The wild buffalo—perhaps better known as the bison—is a living symbol of the American West. Despite once roaming the plains in numbers greater than 30 million, it has recently come dangerously close to extinction. National Geographic explores how conservationists are rejuvenating populations. Runtime: 15 min.

Gentle Giants of the Galapagos

Only oceanic islands such as the Galapagos continue to provide a safe haven for Giant Tortoises. This short film, produced by the Galapagos Conservation Trust, provides a good introduction to these magnificent creatures. Runtime: 4 min.



Gorillas in the Wild

The BBC Travel Show is high in the mountains of Rwanda to learn about conservation efforts protecting mountain gorillas. Join the host as she meets guides and veterinarians who introduce her to these amazing animals. Runtime: 4 min.

How the Ibex Came Back from the Brink of Extinction

The ibex is the king of the Alps, famed for its curved horns and extreme climbing skills. But for centuries, these mountain goats were hunted by humans—to the very brink of extinction. A royal hunting reserve in Italy, Gran Paradiso National Park (on the border between Valle d"Aosta and Piedmont), saved the Alpine ibex, but the creature is now facing new challenges. Runtime: 7 min.



How Climate Change Affects Penguin Life

In this footage from BBC Earth, discover how shifting and shrinking pack ice, which many penguins depend on, is affecting their ecosystem. Runtime: 5 min.

Are Australia's koalas becoming extinct?

It has finally happened. Australia’s globally famous animal, the koala, is officially listed as endangered—a decision both long expected and completely preventable. Runtime: 3 min.