Discover a place you've never been, or perhaps over a hundred of them, with new ports of call across Madagascar, Asia, Australia, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Northern Europe and the South Pacific. Stun your senses with culinary enlightenment, thrilling excursions and scenic beauty more brilliant than any image can capture.

Discover the world with Regent Seven Seas Cruises' 2025-2026 Voyage Collection.

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Lush green forests and sun-kissed beaches, monumental glaciers and breathtaking vistas, bustling metropolises and warm, inviting faces – these are just a taste of the beautiful wonders that await your discovery.

Our 2025—2026 Voyage Collection Debut is filled with new marvels and old mysteries. Overnights in Tokyo, Doha and Seoul offer more time ashore to feel and taste the incredible cuisines and overall atmosphere of these ever-evolving cultural centers. Adventure calls from wildlands and icy shores, be it the towering spruce trees in Tongass National Forest and the baobabs of Madagascar or the pristine coasts of Antarctica and Norway's mighty fjords. The forms of escape that can be found are as varied as relaxing on the beach in the Seychelles is from a dip in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland.

Soak in your destination on any of the 120-plus in-port overnights, returning to the comfort of your Unrivaled Space at Sea™ to prepare for another magical day abroad.

Don't compromise on your next vacation. Find your perfect itinerary and reserve your suite aboard an ultra-luxury cruise with the all-inclusive value our guests return for, voyage after voyage.

Join us for an unrivaled experience.


2025-2026 Voyage Collection Debut




#MyRegentExperience | What Sets Regent Apart?

Ending our Amazon cruise on Voyager tomorrow. Was a wonderful experience. Posting with our favorite staff person from Voyager Lounge to Compass Rose to Entertainers. Until our next adventure in April 2024!

-Lorrie S.

Just disembarked the gorgeous Splendor on Tuesday morning. We had a fabulous cruise, all staff were first class. A huge thanks to our wonderful butler Glen. He is simply the best. He anticipated our every need and has just the perfect manner in his role. Thanks, Glen and to all the staff onboard.

-Billy M.


#MyRegentExperience | What Were The Benefits of Traveling on a Cruise?

Friends of ours booked a less expensive cruise line and later realized that they were being nickeled and dimed over everything. After all, was said and done, they ended up paying $2000 more for their cruise while Regent is all-inclusive and we didn't pay anything extra. Need to compare and see what you find.

-Rosemarie C.