Beautiful Bali

This Island of the Gods brings a delicious mixture of cultures and influences.

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Get to know Balinese culture

Understanding Bali: Introducing the Island of the Gods

Why is Bali the way it is? How is there a solitary Hindu island in the largest muslim country in the world? Why is its brand of Hinduism different than what is found in India? Why is it called the Island of the Gods? This NOW! Bali podcast offers a great introduction to the island, taking a deep-dive into its history to expose the origins of its culture and belief systems.

Canang Sari Flower Offerings of Bali

You’ll see them everywhere in Bali. Little leaf baskets of flowers with incense. But what do they mean and how are they offered?

Local crafts

How to Wear a Batik Sarong

In this short film from Asian Art Museum, learn how a sarong or kain panjang (long cloth) is worn by both men and women on the Indonesian islands of Java and Bali. It's valuable information, not only to blend in, but because its wearing is required to visit sacred locations.

Stone Carving in Bali

With their extreme details and fantastic forms, Bali's stone sculptures—particularly those adorning temples—are some of the most striking in the world. Watch (and listen to the humorous banter among) stone carvers at work in Ubud.

How Ancient Balinese Swords were Revived

The Keris or kris is a traditional asymmetrical dagger found throughout the Indonesian-Malay archipelago. VICE meets Jro Mangku Pande Ketut Mudra, a master sword-smith, to understand how he revived the tradition of crafting the weapon in Bali and what the future holds.

Bali's delicious eats

Sambal Matah | Bali's traditional hot and spicy condiment

Recipe for making sambal matah, a typical Balinese chili sauce served with seafood and satay, but of course can be combined with other foods as well. Tip: make sure to tap the CC (closed captioning) for English subtitles!

Nasi Goreng | Indonesian Fried Rice

Chef Adam Liaw shows how to make this Indonesian-Bali staple, the success of which hinges on the aromatic "rempah," made from shallots, garlic, chili and shrimp paste.

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