Travel the World on a Jet Like No Other

Embark on a one-of-a-kind global adventure with TCS World Travel aboard the new, custom-designed Airbus 321 jet. With just 52 all lay-flat, leather seats, you’ll fly between destinations in unparalleled comfort and luxury.

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Indulge Your Passion for Travel on a Luxury Jet Expedition

For over 30 years, TCS World Travel has taken guests around the globe on all-inclusive luxury jet expeditions, enabling our travelers to explore cultural treasures without sacrificing comfort. Travel with ease to places that are steeped in legend and wonder. Connect to far-off destinations "above the crowds" and give way to the sky high luxury of time and opulence without the hassle of layovers or the inflexible schedules of commercial airlines, as you explore the deeper essence of travel.

Traveling onboard this state-of-the-art, custom aircraft enables you to avoid the typical hassles of international travel. Fly to life-list destinations in total comfort with every detail managed on your behalf.


• Largest cabin by height and width of any single-aisle aircraft ​
• Custom Italian-leather flatbed seats with full bedding allow you to completely recharge on longer flights ​
• 6.5 to 1 guest to cabin crew ratio ​
• Hospital-grade air filtration system ​
• Burns 30% less fuel than a Boeing 757, for a lower carbon footprint ​
• Industry-leading range allows for over 8 hours of uninterrupted travel ​
• WiFi and inflight entertainment available via provided tablets or your personal devices ​
• Enhanced enrichment system for live in-flight presentations from trip experts


• Fly direct between destinations where possible, avoiding lengthy layovers ​
• Maximize time immersed in local culture ​
• Expedited airport procedures wherever possible​
• High security standards with established ​processes fine-tuned over 30 years ​
• Flexibility to reroute should conditions require it


• Highly trained crew with years of experience who know your name, likes and your dislikes, for a personalized experience
• Onboard chef who can make accommodations for food allergies or dietary requirements ​
• Dedicated journey physician for peace of mind