Introducing the world's most unique boutique resort

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As we navigate the exciting terrains of Explora, Michael will be at the forefront, personally assisting clients with their initial bookings, ensuring a seamless introduction to this novel experience.

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It's unique for a very special reason ... it's on the water, aboard the world's newest luxury cruise line. It's the passion project of the family behind MSC and it's something you should know about. Designed to offer refined yet effortless luxury, Explora I—the first of six vessels planned—offers an onboard experience rivals the best hotels in Europe, world-class cuisine and custom deep-immersion destination experiences.

Take a look below to learn about what make Explora Journeys extraordinary. As ever, let me know what piques your interest and I'll be more than happy to provide you with additional information and answer any questions.

A Bit of the Onboard Experience

Our Restaurants

Taking influences from around the world, our unique culinary experiences celebrate global talents and cultures.

Our Bars and Lounges

Discover our collection of 12 bars and lounges on board EXPLORA I. Their elegant and cosmopolitan atmosphere will allow our guest to truly relax and let go.

Meet An Expert Crafting Experiences for You

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